Specifying allows new startup and established ventures to raise funds or seed money by creating campaigns for their business profiles online. SpicyFund is an excellent platform for startup companies to connect with the accredited investors.


At SpicyFund, we cater businesses to raise funds through our 2 distinctive Crowdfunding platforms: Equity Crowdfunding and Real Estate Crowdfunding.


The idea is to connect businesses with investors and offer an effective funding closure process through our Crowdfunding platform. We will help both the clients and investors by taking care of the term sheet & shareholders agreement as well as offer guidance in all legal & financial due diligence.


At SpicyFund, we blend the requirements and interests of the business and spice them into opportunities.


The Story Behind SpicyFund

Funding is the real question mark for budding entrepreneurs and startups to launch their business. Most of these entrepreneurs approach different banks for business loans but often get rejected owing to the lack of any collateral guarantee or results.


Seeing a huge growth in the business ecosystem and real estate industry, we decided to launch SpicyFund with a vision to make fundraising easy for budding new startups as well as real estate developers in the form of Crowdfunding.


Crowdfunding is already quite a hit propaganda in the United States, raising a decent amount of funding through a variety of different crowd-based funding platforms. Taking a cue from such a huge success abroad and realizing the power of crowd that India has in abundance, our team planned to set up a fundraising Crowdfunding platform for Equity and Real Estate.


With SpicyFund, we aimed at easing out the process of funding businesses for the investors, whether for an equity share in promising startups or stakes in real estate projects. People interested in being a part of a Startup through equity or with a real estate project through investment could find great opportunities at SpicyFund while businesses can raise money to jump on to the next level.


The idea is to make funding easy and this is just a step forward to the goal. Our main goal is to start Crowdfunding culture in India as our multi-cultural nation is the land of opportunities and with our crowd power, we can achieve milestones that we often dreamt of.


Simply drop us a line or call us today to know more about SpicyFund and how you can be a part of the campaign listed here or list a new campaign for your business.


Our Team

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